Wednesday, June 21, 2006

INVASIVE SPECIES: not as exciting as it sounds.

We are working near Valley Creek pulling out invasive species of plants from riparian buffers. These are fenced in enclosures filled with native plants that help prevent erosion of the creek bed. Nasty invasive species like to take over the soil in the buffers, and I must say, they are pretty good at it. We spend all day ripping wild roses, bittersweet, garlic mustard, and honeysuckle out of the ground. The wild rose bushes are painful and the vines are tricky, but the garlic mustard isn't too bad. I honestly had no idea that invasive plants were such a problem. Next week we are going back to logging. We have to dig these holes to put the trees in to prevent trail erosion. Basically team 5 prevents erosion. We're like Captain Planet, except not nearly as cool.

I am officially graduating the program in 29 days. I can't wait to start grad school and see everyone. I know I keep saying that, but I'm more of a people person than a plant person. I currently set out to kill plants every day. It's a weird job, but someone has to STOP THE EROSION, DUUU DUUU DUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Who thinks I should change my blog name is "Can You Chandle This?" HA


brooke said...

dude, i totally love the blog name. but either way, i'm a fan. don't worry about missing anything...i'm pretty sure nobody's coming all the way to batesville. but i'll definitely see you at leah's welcome home chandle affair;)

Leah Billings said...

The idea of invasive plants is so weird to me. I mean I understand the reasoning, but these plants are doing what they're meant to do...the just trying to grow.
Anyway, I think the new blog name would be fabulous. How clever!

kristen gloria said...

i like the new blog name. i vote yes. i know you are doing what you have to do...but honeysuckle? i love that little plant. i guess it really isn't so little, though. ok, i forgive you.

Elizabeth Ross said...

Uhhh I think the obvious choice is YES for the blog name. Der.

word veri: hlvuHOOT

katandkarl said...

NO! i like the fabulous chandleous. it makes me happy.

but can you chandle this is also funny. i guess.


i think you should have both.

the fabulous chandleous asks 'can you chandle this'...

but then you would have to say something like bitches after that.

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